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We offer the best exterior car detailing service in Norton Shores, Muskegon, Grand Have, and the Lakeshore with outstanding washing, machine waxing, clay bar treatment, and paint correction.

Basic Wash

1 Hour

All Vehicles: $35

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Our Basic Wash is excellent and affordable. We give your car, truck, or SUV a gentle, thorough soft cloth washing by hand, using foam cannon soap, followed by a spot free rinse. Finally, we apply a complete, 30 day wax to your vehicle to protect the finish from all road and weather contaminants and keep your car shining

auto machine wax

4 Hours

Car: $100 | SUV: $125-$175 | Truck: $150 | Exotic: $199.99

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Our Auto Machine Wax takes our Basic Wash to the next level. We thoroughly hand wash your vehicle with soft cloths and foam cannon soap, followed by a complete spot free rinse. Then we apply a protective wax coating to your vehicle using a modern, orbital polisher that spreads the wax more evenly and allows us to buff your vehicle’s finish to glossy shine.

Clay Bar treatment

2 Hour

Car: $124.99-$134.99 | SUV: $149.99-$175 | Truck: $158.99 | Exotic: $235

clay bar service
Our Clay Bar Treatment is exceptionally effective at removing deeply embedded, harmful, and corrosive particles and dirt in your vehicle’s paint, including iron, fiberglass, exhaust residue, tree sap, road grit, and more. These particles not only affect the integrity and longevity of your car’s finish, they can break free and scratch your car’s paint during washing and waxing. Our Clay Bar Treatment will remove these harmful particles, restoring and protecting your vehicle’s finish.

1 step paint correction

6 Hours

Car: $349 | SUV: $375-$455 | Truck: $375-$395 | Exotic: $595

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For the ultimate restoration of your car’s finish, our 1 Step Paint Correction is the way to go. Not only do we hand wash your car and give your vehicle a Clay Bar decontaminant bath, but we can either apply a hybrid compound and polish in one to remove light swirls and scratches, leaving behind a great paint sealant that will last for months, or you can choose a medium grade compound to remove scratches and swirls followed by a ceramic coating for a deep, high gloss finish.


frequently asked questions

What is a Clay Bar treatment?

Road and environmental contaminant particles can become embedded in your car’s finish and give it a gritty feel when you run your hand over it. A Clay Bar is made of a resin that is effective in removing harmful contaminants, particles, dirt, and grit from your car’s paint that a regular washing can’t remove.

Will a Clay Bar treatment remove scratches?
While a Clay Bar treatment is highly recommended to remove contaminants and dirt from your car’s finish and make it smooth to the touch again, it doesn’t have any abrasives so it will not remove scratches already present in your car’s finish.
Does my car need a Clay Bar treatment?
Unless you’re in the habit of washing your car every week or even more frequently, the odds are good it needs to be Clay Barred. The surest way to tell is by running your hand over your car’s finish after you wash it and before you wax or polish it. If the surface doesn’t feel as smooth as glass, there are contaminants in the clear coat that need to be removed by a Clay Bar treatment.
Why should I have paint correction done before ceramic coating my car?

Many people have the mistaken idea that a ceramic coating will either correct or hide any scratches or swirls in their car’s paint. This is incorrect. Not only does ceramic coating not correct swirls and scratches, it actually makes them stand out even more due to the high-gloss finish a ceramic coating supplies. It’s always best to have professional paint correction done before a ceramic coating is applied.