Interior Vehicle detailing

detailing on another level

making the interior new agian

We provide the best, most thorough auto interior detailing on the Lakeshore and West Michigan, including vacuuming, shampooing, stain removal from upholstery and headliners, pet hair, lint, and dirt removal, even decal and adhesive removal, and more.

Interior Removal Options

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Adhesive Removal: $12

Decal Removal/Application: $15

3rd Row Seat Removal: $25

Pet Hair Removal: $35

Stain Removal: $49.99

Headliner Stain Removal: $75.99

Interior Treatment Options

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Chemical odor/stain treatment: $30

    • Used to break down wine stains, fuel spills, oil spills and other hard to remove stains with odors.

Odor Treatment: $79.99

    • 12HR OZONE TREATMENT (best used after an interior detail package)
    • We run ozone generator in vehicle for 12 hours

Ozone scent bomb 4 hour treatment: $125

    • Neutralizes odors and kills bacteria

Interior Shampooing Options

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  • Shampoo Floor Mat: $4 each
  • Shampoo Carpets or Upholstery: $35
    • Full Carpet Shampoo with no trunks or hatch area due to inability to dry without molding (must include basic detail to get this)


frequently asked questions

How does detailing a car’s interior differ from vacuuming it thoroughly?
Detailing a car is far more thorough and extensive than simple vacuuming. We use high powered vacuums, brushing, shampooing, stain removal solutions, and more to restore you interior to like-new condition.
My car has a stale odor inside from our pet’s wet fur. Can detailing help?
Yes. Our detailing will get out stains as well as the odors that go with them. We use chemical odor treatments, and powerful ozone treatments to neutralize odors and kill the bacteria that causes them.
Does detailing clean dirt, grease, and make-up stains from my headliner?
Yes, we offer detailing service using professionally formulated stain removers that will effectively clean your headliner and remove practically any stain.
My car has an all leather interior. Can you clean it without hurting the leather?
Yes. All of the treatments and solutions we use will clean your leather interior, remove stains, and leave it looking, feeling, and smelling like brand new.