exterior marine detailing

Wash & Wax Detail

Closed Bow & Center Console: $15 | Open Bow Boat: $18.95 | Pontoon: $15

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  • Wash Boat
  • Clean Windows
  • High Quality Paste Wax

Wash, Wax, Cut & Buff Detail

Open Bow: Up to 24ft: $36 | 24ft and over $49.23

Closed Bow & Center Console: Under 25fth: $35.50 | 25ft and over $49.50

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  • Clean Windows
  • High Quality Paste Wax
  • Cut & Buff To Remove Oxidation
  • Compound to Restore Faded Fiberglass & Shine

marine Detailing

frequently asked questions

What do you do beyond washing and waxing a boat to detail it?
We thoroughly wash the topside and hull of your boat, and the gutter tracks, getting into all the smallest areas to remove built up grime, grease, and old wax. We remove any mildew or rust, as well as clean and condition your seats, then apply a protectant, buff and wax your hull to remove oxidation, and restore its showroom shine.
What makes boat detailing different than just washing my boat really well?
A professional detailing of your boat’s exterior is far more comprehensive than a simple washing and waxing. It’s extensive and thorough enough to remove stains, correct paint defects, and restore your boat to like-new condition.
How long does it take to detail my boat?
The length of time can vary, depending on the size of your boat and the detailing package you choose. Our Standard Package usually takes 3 to 4 hours, while our Show Ready Package can take 6 hours or more.
Can you get out the spills and stains on my boat’s seats and cushions?
Because we use top of the line cleansers, shampoos, and brushes, we can eliminate practically and stain in your boat’s seating and cushions, as well as get rid of stains in the canvas, even if they’ve been there for months or years.